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A case study on how to win Jackpot with WinTOTO 2004
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It may be a bit late to show this method but in order for the benefit of every WinTOTO 2004 user, I will document this inside here so that we can learn from it. Who know, this method may works in the future.

You may want to delete the result back until the end of June in order to follow this tutorial. I hope you won't felt heart pain because you missed this opportunity. There are still many more in the future.

First start the Summary Statistic function.

Click the Fix button on the further right of the control panel to unfreeze the number column so that you can do a copy and paste command.

Now click the pink color column “7” to sort it by Month of July. This is because next month will be in the month of July. In this way, we are looking at the Season number method.

Make sure you see the triangle mark at the column "7" header, otherwise, click on it again. You will notice that the list sorted according to the frequency hit for month of July since 1997 until now. You should see the number column as shown below.

Use the mouse, click the first cell with the left mouse button and drag down all the way to the 15 cell. It is highlighted in blue when selected. Move the mouse pointer inside the highlighted cells and click the right mouse button to bring up a menu as shown in the picture.

Click the “Copy”, this will copy the contents into computer memory. Next, you need to start the WinTOTO Wheeler by clicking the fourth button on the toolbars.

Move the mouse pointer to the inside of the textbox, right click on the mouse button. You can click the “Paste” to paste the numbers into the textbox.

Move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the view and click on the left mouse button. You will see the selected ball highlighted accordingly.

You are now ready to input your condition and zoom into a specific group of the wheel. The best way to test your wheel is by setting the Grouping condition to 2-2-2. This means two balls from group 1 to 15, 2 balls from group 16 to 30 and 2 balls from group 31 to 45. Below is an example of the setting.

After setting the group condition, you need to click on the Wheel Now button to see the number of tickets generated.

You should be able to see there are 675 tickets generated. This means the total cost is $0.50 * 675 = $337.50. If you still think that the above is over budget for you, you can further reduce it by applying additional condition at the Odd/Even pair. Usually you can start by playing only 3 odd and 3 even pair as shown below.

You need to click the Wheel Now button to see the new generated tickets. Below is the number of tickets generated.

This group of tickets only cost $109.50 to play and yet it can win you a jackpot prize of million dollars.

To check the winning prize, you need to click the Check button follow by Enter Result button as shown below,

Enter the result of 1st July 2004 into the Enter Result Dialog box as shown,

Click OK button to proceeds with the checking.

If there are winning, you should see the Winning Tickets dialog. The jackpot prize will be highlighted in red color. Below is the actual winning for 1st July 2004 if you follow the simple steps as shown above.

Well! that the power of WinTOTO 2004, it that simple. You better believe it.

Good luck,

Updated : 5/7/2004
By KL Tan
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