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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I find the new upgrade is too good to believe and would like to take this opportunity for conducting the courses on Direct number analysis using the cyclical view.

I used to system bet and have no confidence in buying only direct, however after attending the courses, my view have change and this credit goes to both of you - KL Tan and Hai Tong.

I applied the method taught, firstly looking at the cyclical view to see if good chance of repeat (using only BS data) and found it to have a good chance of repeat. But I was not prepared to buy so many direct numbers as such I work harder by looking at individual direct digit positioning using the cyclical and found that digit 8 in the 3 position to be the best with good pattern and SGH.

I then zoom in the direct in the cyclical view and further shortlist to only 3 direct number and one of them is 3681, who won me a $12,500. When I saw the result, I immediately call Hai Tong and informed him of my good news. Needless to say, Hai Tong favorite words ' You Deserve this winning as you work for it'.

I sincerely thank KL Tan and Hai Tong for their generous sharing and generous and sincere upgrading.

Best Regards

Madam Super Happy
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 12500
Submitted by: Madam Super Happy
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