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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

As a new user of Win4D Advance I am lost of words to describe your Win4D Advance it is Simply The Best.

I bought the Win4D Advance after having to meet up at your office on 5 Jan, and I have mentioned to you that I am a very busy person but may not have time to analyse. You then advise me to make good use of the Golden number in particular the season and counter check on the Monthly table.

Wow, it works for me, in particular a busy person like me who need the information as quick as possible and below is how Hai Tong has share with me. I urge user or potential user to pay particular attention and you will be amazed on how it works and since it works for me I am sure it will works for you.

The next is to use the Year Month Table.

From the year month table, I chose system number 1237 as I found that it has consecutively being hitting in the month of Jan since year 2003. Weird thing happens, I also get the weekly e-letter that was sent to me also reflect number 1723, too bad not the correct direct.

I am happen that I did hit system on first prize. I am very convince that if it works for me, I strongly believe it will works for user of similar like me, too busy to analyse.

Happy Hitting

Mr. Joshua Lim
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2000
Submitted by: Mr Joshua Lim
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