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Thank you for viewing the winning ticket section. We've STOP posting winning tickets to avoid any legal implication.

Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

Let me share with you what my wife and I went through when the result was announced 3260 is the 1st Prize number. We just could not believe it; we simply could not believe it that we won $100,000.

We were so excited that we could not sleep and kept tossing and turning around and through out the night kept asking my wife the date of winning is correct and so is the amount and the number is correct. We check several times and kept looking at it.

My life took a turn after I get to know Assemblix and started to use the Win4D Advance and attending courses on how to make good use of the software – Win4D Advance. I was introduced to Assemblix by one of my good friends sometimes in late 2002. In fact during that time, I have witnessed him having consistent winning after he started to use the software. I am convinced that with and without the software makes a lot of different. I then started to scout around as I prefer to find out from myself. After having to go to some similar set up who sells 4D software, I am very impressed that Assemblix is truly more sincere and they are always looking at all ways to improve themselves both in the software development and also in the training.

Before Knowing Assemblix and Using Win4D Advance.

I buy any numbers that I come across and my hit rate is only once every 2 years. I have lack of information on the numbers to buy and no guidance from the expert. My wife is having a lot of argument over my 4D play as I tend to over indulge in the game.

Now with Assemblix and Using Win4D Advance

I begin to understand the game better and I am well educated by both KL Tan and Hai Tong on how to play responsibly. In fact my relationship with my wife gets better as she could see a great change in my pattern. The courses organize by Assemblix has a great impact to break my over indulgence in 4D Play. Assemblix is always in tune with Singapore Pool in that we should ‘Play Responsibly’. They have instilled both in the training and also in the Forum and also in the web.

I have attended training conducted by Assemblix and also by the moderators namely Striking Leo, Saw and Eighty8. I am very appreciative for the effort put up by them and also in the sincere sharing in the course. I have yet to come across such ‘True Sharing’ except in Assemblix. The courses conducted are always very enlightening. As a slow learner I kept coming back to Assemblix to attend courses organize by them. My wife no longer calls me a ‘Gambler’ and now she started to call me a 4D analyst. To me this is indeed an achievement but without Assemblix and its moderators and not forgetting Win4D Advance, this is not possible.

How Did I derive the winning number?

Firstly I spotted this number 0236 in the golden number and is first set in the list as shown below

I then use the search function and found that this system number fits into the description of the Awakening Giant. In fact this course conducted by Hai Tong was very enlightening also the examples given. I strong urge members to read the 4D Techniques on this topic ‘Awakening Giant’.

Looking at the above data, the last time system number 0236 appears is at Gap 54, according to what I lean from Hai Tong is that under normal circumstances, this system number have a potential chances of Top prizes during the first 3 hits. He guided us not to buy more than half the average gap and in this case is not more than 8 draws. This is something I respect Assemblix they always advise us the exit point so that we know on how to cut losses should the desired numbers we are buying did not materialized.

How Did I derive the direct number 3260?

It is one of the highlighted direct from Win4D Advance

I hope my winning letter will give all our members a booster and I strongly believe that so long we work together and work closely with Assemblix and its moderators, to achieve TTTTP will one day be a reality and just a dream.

I have confidence and are very convince on Assemblix ‘True Sharing’. I have learn the second rule of Good Luck and that is ‘Many are those who want Good Luck, but few are those willing to pursue it’ When I mentioned this sentence, I actually referring to myself, I was once behaving in this manner. I will blame anyone including my family except myself but ever since I came to know Assemblix and in touch of this book “Good Luck”, I have seen a change in myself in that I no longer Jump into conclusion and no longer blame others but instead use the analytical mind towards reading any remarks or changes make by others.

I would like to end my winning letter to thank Assemblix and its moderators. All the members who have contributed constructively in the forum.

Looking forward to send another winning letter to Assemblix


Mr. Sunny Ong

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 100000
Submitted by: Sunny
» Assemblix
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