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Description of Winning
Hi Wonderful Assemblix,


It was really very disappointing on Tuesday evening to read so many negative
words from members in the Open Forum. I was trying to reverse this negative
energy but was even “shot down” by more negative words. I was thinking “How
to Tio Tau Pio” if you talk like that and not directing positive energy
to our ultimate purpose (I believe you know who I am referring to – sorry
I am not cursing you, but please take it as an advise).

However I took this as a blessing in disguise – because the positively
charged words I spoke actually help me to hit 1st prize 8545 on Wednesday night
to win $22,000/=.

Following are the reasons why I hit it BIG this round.

  1. Course conducted by Bro StrLeo on cyclical formation, 2D/3D clustering,
    NG, pattern reading, slice and match method.

  2. Course conducted by Bro Eighty8 on T-graph, characteristics on each
    set in relation with the graph, graph pattern recognition and so on….

  3. Course conducted by the Founder of Assemblix, KL Tan and Hai Tong on
    various methods on using the Win4D Advance software.

  4. Course conducted by Toto guru, Bro Saw who actually given me the exposure
    on pattern reading that helps me to handle similar methods in 4D analysis.
    His mathematical justification convinced me the existent of analysis. His
    key words “Whatever is actual, follows the mathematics” is now
    my rule.

  5. Sis Mel thread on “True Sharing” which is referring to a popular
    book on achieving good luck. I’ve read the book and is definitely an eye opener
    in a Divine angle. I recommend members to pick up a copy of this book in
    the bookshop and read it.

  6. From the privilege forum with more positive members that contributed with more quality and focus discussion.

Without Assemblix, I would not have any guidance and direction that eventually
bring this result.

I am certain that many of us have gone through my experience and benefited
a lot but may have forgotten about it. Sometime when we become successful,
we tend to forget our roots.

For the positive minded members that have read this winning letter, I believe
it will boost up your confidence in winning more $$$ with Assemblix guidance.

For the negative minded members, I sincerely hope that it will inject more
positive thinking. However if you still view it as being trying to ANGKAT Assemblix,
I leave it as it is. But that is not important.

Most important is that after I ANGKAT Assemblix – I striked $22,000/= ….

This is how I derive my number after I learned from the courses.

System 2D, I choose "55" because of the G-Graph looks good in top prize.

Then I use the cyclical table to look for more details.

I try to look at the System 5D for more details, so I use the system 5D filter function and found one very special number "04558". This has an uninterrupted hit pattern every month. This month still have not hit yet so I decided to try on the direct number given by the software.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 22000
Submitted by: Ahhuay0288
» Assemblix
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