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Description of Winning

Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I could not believe my winning on the first prize direct ‘2001’ and the starter prize on system number ‘0123. All in me have won a total of $2250. When I rang up Hai Tong about my winning, he could even feel the immense joy from my voice.

I have read about the thread and also the winning experience by other members, I have gone through the same path, in that I was once lead by the nose of some experts and rely heavily on their merciful so called ‘Tips’ to get by in my winning. I am tired and felt that why do I need someone to lead me by the nose and only until I came to Assemblix.

I do see the point of members sharing their methods and I think I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards Assemblix. On my first meet-up with Hai Tong, he has clearly show me the way to independence and also kept emphasizing the continuous learning and sharing both in the Privilege and courses.

I am just like any of the members who feels why pay to join the Privilege Forum where I can get for free elsewhere or even in the Open Forum. I thought I was right but on further observation, I begin to feel that I am wrong. Why is it so? I started to see more and more quality sharing in the Privilege forum that makes me realize I was entirely wrong. Perhaps, one thing for sure, all seems to be more positive and more understanding in their posting of thread.

The online-web tools are simply too good to describe. They are marvelous tools when comes to 4D analysis.

So much has been said, now come to my direct number ‘2001’ is one of the highlighted direct from the Win4D Advance.

This is my first time winning the first prize and also as a new user for Win4D Advance, I could only say Assemblix they are ‘Simply The Best’.

Mr. Privilege Member
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2250
Submitted by: Mr. Privilege Member
» Assemblix
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