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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I am glad to write in to share my joy of winning starter prize on direct number 8508, and this direct number has help me to gain $250 winning. In fact without reading the thread in the Privilege Forum, I could have missed the number and would not have won $250.

If you could recall, I wrote an e-mail to you pertaining to the difference between the Ordinary Membership and the Gold membership, in fact I am glad that you invited me to your office to explain and show me the difference. I used to think that by staying put as an Ordinary Member is good enough, however till I joined the Gold membership I begin to see the difference between to the 2 forum, they are like Heaven and Earth. The member’s posting and sharing are more and not only more, are they friendlier and more positive.

How I won this number? I got this system number from the reading of the Thread at Privilege Forum and the entire moderator, mainly Striking Leo, 4D8888, Eighty8 and not forgetting Hai Tong has directed at this system number.

I would like to thank all moderators and Assemblix who have put in their effort to direct on this system number. I am no looking forward to send more of my winning letters to Assemblix.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: Mr.2A+2M
» Assemblix
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