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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I am very happy to share my joy of winning the first prize on direct number ‘0223’. I have won $4000 on this direct number.

I am very happy with the recent upgrade that Assemblix has provided for the entire Win4D Advance user. The system 6D numbers in indeed powerful features. I have noticed the system 3D number ‘023’ to be good, on checking the summary of system 6D number ‘002233’ found it to be potential. This is how I won the first prize number.

In the past, I would only look at one set of system 4D numbers, however with the system 6D numbers; I am able to look beyond it and are able to trace the grouping of the system number.

I have sign up another 2 years of ‘Maintenance Support’ and are looking forward to receive enhancement of features on my software from Assemblix. I strongly support Assemblix stand of providing the ‘Maintenance Support’ on a yearly basis and not per upgrade. As a user I see value in it. In the current offer of $110 for 2 years, I strongly encourage members to take advantage of this offer. For me I have got my ‘maintenance support’ fully reimbursed.

Thank you

Mr. Lucky88
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 4000
Submitted by: Mr. Lucky88
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