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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I could not believe my own I have won for myself a 1st Prize on system number ‘1289’; this has brought in a hefty sum of $2000. I have never win lottery before and especially in this case a 1st Prize. I am too happy that I could not sleep, I am sure members who have this experience will understand how I feel.

I have been buying 4D numbers for many years and have been to many places to have numbers analyzed, I have visited many masters in the field of 4D numbers analysis. However, when I came to your office on 24 Sep 2004, you told me I could be master myself in the area of 4-D numbers analysis. When being told by Hai Tong, I could not believe it myself that a novice like myself could also analyzed 4D numbers because I have not met anyone who would encourage me.

During the demonstration, Hai Tong has shown me the various analysis tools that are available for me to use. I am very impressed with the various tools and how it could help in 4D numbers analysis. He invited me to the ‘Assemblix Year End Gathering cum launching of Win4D Advance Version 2’ which was held on 1 Oct 2004. One of the moderators by the name of ‘Striking Leo’ has briefly explained about system 2D and 3D clustering. There were 2 sets of numbers given to all of us and they were ‘2589’ and ‘5689’. Based on the 2 sets I noticed that they share the same common system 2D which is ‘89’ and Mr. Striking Leo have mentioned that system 2D ‘89’ has dropped out.

On reaching home, I work on system 2D to filter for system 3D and have found that System 3D numbers ‘289’ and ‘189’ to be overdue,

Besides that system 3D ‘289’ is the highest season system 3D number for the month of October. I have read on the 4D techniques put up by Hai Tong on how Madam Chia Ai Lian won 2nd Prize ‘2579’ sometime in April 2004. I decided to follow the same method to look for the highest season 4D number that match with system 3D ‘289’.

I found system 4D number ‘1289’ to be highest in terms of season month support for the month of October.

The next thing I did is to make a check on the T-graph and have found it to be a cross over graph that further boosted my confidence.

The Gaps Distributions Chart has indicated a good hit at this particular hit.

I am beginning to know the importance of sharing and are starting to begin to appreciate sharing being offer by moderators and Assemblix. The sharing spirit and all Assemblix tools are interlinked to each other. We need to have all the interlink to have a good winning in 4D play.

In this area, I must say I am proud to be in Assemblix and are sure that making TTTTP into a reality will be realized soon.

Before I end my letter, I would like to thank Assemblix for all the wonderful 4D analysis tools, Mr. Striking Leo for his generous sharing. I am glad that I have attended the function on 1st October 2004, or else I would have missed this first prize winning.


Mr. Sean Ang
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2000
Submitted by: Mr. Sean Ang
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