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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I have won 1st Prize on direct number 2576 and got for myself a handsome $10,000 winning. I have rang up Hai Tong to share my joy and he has requested that I share my findings with members in my winning letter. Before going in to share, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Striking Leo for unselfish sharing during the course; it has created the winning and harmonious environment for all of us.

My Sharing,

I have chosen this set of system number 2567 mainly because this happens to be my car number. However the important method is how I derived it to be a good number to play over the weekend.

When I do a bisect of system 3D to see the performance of the 4 pillars.

The above Next Gap formation is within the range as mentioned by Striking Leo in the course Part 2.

Base on the above data, system 3D number 256 is having the NG 7, however looking at the pattern of system 3D number 256, one could see that there is a similar no hits since 11 July to 21 July. With this pattern in mind, I am form the opinion of this system 3D 256 is likely to appear the next draw. The reason I mentioned system 3D 256 is because this set has long gap no hit. Since I am able to gauge the likely timing for this system 3D 256 to appear, I am more confident to go for this set of system number. Besides that I have notice that system number 2567 has a seasonal support of one hit in September 2003 as first prize.

Just as Hai Tong has mentioned, when you win, you need to know how you win and if you did not make we need know where went wrong.

I have benefited greatly from the sharing of Striking Leo on the pattern reading, which enable to narrow down system 3D 256.

I am looking forward to learn from the moderators and not forgetting KL Tan and Hai Tong and look forward to be guided in my 4D play.


Madam Christina Tan

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 10000
Submitted by: Madam Christina
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