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Description of Winning
Hi KLTan, HaiTong and Striking Leo

Thanks to u guys especially to Striking Leo.
This is my first time win after getting the Software!!!, oh yes I have won 2nd Prize with a $1000 winning.
I have got these numbers from the 2nd training yesterday. In fact system number 2469 is one of the numbers given under the cyclical example.
I have missed the last 3 sets of number since 3 Sept 04 ( as I only buy what ever was suggested -like u guys always quote "play responsibly" ) but today I "ga ga lah" by buying permutations and yes !!! I have got it!! of course it will be quite 'xiong' if I still don’t strike today but I am confident that the software does helps but it just that I am still not familiar with it .With more training I am sure I will be able to get the "hang" of analyzing the correct and best way!!!! Once again, THANK YOU!!!

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 1000
Submitted by: ThiamThiamWin
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