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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

Thanks for the encouragement and also for spending time to help me in regaining my confidence. I have won direct number 4759 and have make $600.

I wrote this letter as an appreciation of the time both you and Hai Tong have spent with me and my wife. We will kind of lost or should I say disorientated. However, when I ranged up and was very comforting to hear from Hai Tong who has asked me how am getting on with Win4D Advance.

Immediately, I told him about my disorientation and without hesitation, he invited me to his office. At their office, he helps me out in planning my play and show various quick start method to put into practice. My wife was skeptical about their sincerity thinking that they are business minded why they would help us.

Now both my wife and I are thankful to both Mr. KL Tan and Hai Tong, they are very approachable and indeed very encouraging character. I am now beginning to understand why you so have so many members who are so supportive of Assemblix.

A word of advice for members or should I say potential members who are still hesitating about being a user of Win4D Advance, you need not to worry, because truly care for us.


Mr. John Yeo
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 600
Submitted by: Mr. John Yeo
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