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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I could not believe it with my own eyes; I have won 2 prizes on direct number highlighted by Win4D Advance. Second prize direct number 1596 and starter prize direct number 3459. I have made $1250 from winning on these 2 sets of number.

My sharing on how I derived the first prize direct number.

I have used the T-graph summary which is meant for Gold members only. I have found the system number 1569 is classified as equal deviation number. According to KL Tan when I attended Win4D Courses, he has mentioned such system number have potential chances of being in Top 3 Prizes.

From the above T-graph you see that the red line, blue line and green line, all meet at the same point. Then I look at the Gap Distribution Chart, the green bar shown the highest, so it gave me more confident.

Once I have derived system number 1569 to be a good set of system number I then used Win4D Advance to look at the highlighted direct numbers.

I bought all the 9sets of highlighted direct numbers and am too happy to know that I have won $2000 on the direct number 1596.

In regards to direct number 3459, it is also one of the highlighted direct by Win4D Advance, below is the recommended direct.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 1250
Submitted by: Wang Lady
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