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Description of Winning
This is my first posting to Assembix. Hope to learn and share more with all users here. Base on open forum discussion and suggested by member Musamid that 3D no. 446 is having continuing trend from Jun 2004. I then use Win4D Advance and have the following findings.

1. Open Win4D Advance and choose Big Sweep only under database option.

2. Next click on Summary icon, click A option, filter 446.

3. Click on 8 to get best season no. for the month of August. As you can see, 1446 came out 1st with a hit frequency of 2. The direct no. 4416 also suggested by the Win4D Advance software.

4. After I updated the draw result, to my surprise I saw this message pop up. Yes, the Win Manager confirmed it again. Thank you Assembix for making such a great software.

From NG28
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2000
Submitted by: NG28
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