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Description of Winning
Dear KL Tan / Hai Tong

Lucky again…o yah…telling myself if I use Win4DAdv before buying 4Ds. Most of us when hitting 4Ds especially top prizes would say, "I Can’t Believe IT." , but NOT when you have started using Win4DAdv because you would tell yourself , "I Can Believe that I had HIT...". The difference now is you would expect nos being analyzed would hit because the software we are using does indicate what nos are coming out if we stay FOCUS and tell ourselves what method to use…

Note that being focus is important as you will decide what you are aiming for ….Let me share how the recent nos I had hit are being derived from.

a) sys1446 : Knowlingly that using Big Sweep data only , one cannot deny that sys3D : 446 has been performing in a consistent manner & then looking at the golden numbers sections you will find that sys1446 is one numbers that belong to 3 categories i.e. best freq , best chance & best season. Hence using the directs recommended, I had managed to hit 4416 .
b) sys2257: This has been a personal numbers which I had identified that in Jul, supposingly to be a consistently drawn out without fail at least for the past 3 years & above. However , noting that it had not appeared until the last week of July , I would expect it to hit at least by end July or early Aug as nos tends to appear either 1 month earlier ( later part of the month from season month ) or 1 month later ( beginning of the month after season month) of a particular season. This number can be seen as a top AABC consecutive nos refeleceted in the July month. Again the direct 7225 was derived from one the recommended ones from Win4DAdv, especially there was an earlier appearance of its reverse direct 5227.
c) Sys0124: when you use best freq sys3D recently on all draws w/o bs you would actually detect that sys012 is one the top consistent nos that have been appearing. Doing a filter of sys4D with “012” you will find that sys0124 is one of the top 3 nos detected in terms of high freq , high chance & high 3DIx.. Hence , checking against the direct 2D options by filtering sys0124 , you would have found that positions of 1$0$ & $4&2 are the 2 recommended ones when you click for best Draw Ave & Month Ave respectively. Hence, direct 1402 was the chosen ones.

So. start telling yourself that “I CAN BELIEVE I HIT IT…NOW THAT I HAVE USED WIN4DADV to DETECT 4D nos” However, one would have to decide how much is he comfortable to invest first before deciding to buy almost every possible nos being detected . Work on anything below $60 for each draw and then build up your capitals through positive returns. If it’s lesser than that , it’s still okay just buy 3 sets of 8 directs …& believe yourself this round don’t hit next round SURE WILL..


Striking Leo :) :)
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2560
Submitted by: Striking Leo
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