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Description of Winning
Hello KL Tan and Hai Tong,

Just couldn’t believe I actually struck 5 nos. in System 7 entry. With the WinToto course and software, I managed to modify a little bit on the method to derive the 5 winning nos. This is my first time getting so many numbers correct with my own effort. Before it was only 4 or 3+1.

The last draw result was more on the high side with sum 187 and 3 group number range pattern 1-0-5. So I expected the next draw with more low and medium number range pattern, something like 3-3-1.

With this in mind, I looked out for 3 numbers in the #1-#15 range group. I went into the Next Gap pattern and found that NG6 group has already missed last 2 draws. Recently, NG6 hit and miss rate was quite high and close. So good chance to appear next draw.

I used the Summary feature to find out #1 and #3 are NG6 numbers. But I chose #1 because it was a better seasonal number compared to #3.
Next I decided to look out for a repeat number in the #1-#15 range and found #7 is the only one.
I was contemplating between #12 or #15 for the third number in the #1-#15 group due to good seasonal number. I decided on #15 because it has not failed to appear in July month since 1997. The overall hit frequency is also higher at 121 times.

Now comes another 3 numbers in the #16-#30 group to choose.
NG3 has already missed 4 draws. Like NG6, strength of appearing is high. In fact, NG3 hit and miss rate is also higher and closer than NG6. #20 is the only number in this range to qualify.
I was looking for a mid-range NG number to play and chose #26 at NG15 with good overall frequency at 109 hits. Somehow I was feeling against good monthly #25 and I was right. I think #25 is better in August due to top seasonal number. #30 is one of my personal number, I guess you know what I mean ;)

In fact I almost got all 6 numbers correct and could have won the Jackpot.
I was looking strongly at #39 as a repeat number to appear but chose #33 instead because of higher overall frequency. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way.

Anyway I am still very glad with my winning and strongly believe that the Jackpot is not very far from my reach.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 3340
Submitted by: Jackpot Boy
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