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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan

After two years of losing touch with you due to my work, I am glad that I made a trip to your office on 16 Jul 2004. During the demonstration of Win4D Advance, I have made a request that you check for me of my favorite number which is system number 0149. Without hesitation, you demonstrated to me how to gather information regarding this system number using Win4D Advance. You have mentioned that the more information we have in regards to our number will help us very greatly in making a good decision.

The information gathered on this system number 0149; I have found that it is good for the next 5 draws. Right here, I would like to stress that Win4D Advance, have been design for budget 4D enthusiast like myself. One of the good features is that the software does shortlist good direct numbers from your chosen system numbers.

I started to buy only the short listed direct number from Win4D Advance since 17 Jul 2004 and am very glad to have won $250 on direct number 0491. This direct number 0491 is one of the short listed direct numbers from Win4D Advance.

My total spent on buying only the short listed direct from system number 0149 works out to be $42 after having to less what I have won on $250, my net gain is $208.

As a new Win4D Advance of less than a month, I am very glad of my winning. Although its not a huge winning but one thing for sure you have once again proven to me your wonderful services and Win4D Advance. I've faith in you and Assemblix. I believe i will strike more in the near future with the aid of Win4Dadvance.

Thank you once again.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: Jane
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