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Description of Winning

Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I have seen my winning getting better and better for each draw since I started to use Win4d Advance and also the courses provided has provided me knowledge into the world of 4D analysis.

I have won on the following draw and below is my lists of winnings:

7 Jul 2004

Starter Prize on system number 4436 won $250

10 Jul 2004

First Prize on system number 1249 won $2000
Second Prize on system number 3899 won $1000
Starter Prize on system number 0349 won $500
Consolation Prize on system number 0146 won $60

11 Jul 2004

First Prize on system number 1349 won $2000
Consolation Prize on system number 2577 won $60
Consolation Prize on system number 2899 won $60

My total winnings for my past 3 draws has amounted to $5930

My Sharing

I have observed that for Big Sweep draw system 3D number on 446 is performing well and as such I targeted to play the 6D number which is 334466 and are happy to have won on system number 3446.

I have observed the performance of system 3D number 124 which brought in the winning of system number 1234 (1st Prize on 3 Jul 2004). When I filter for system 4D number using system 3D number ‘124’ I noticed that system number 1249 is the ‘Best Chance Number’.

On looking at the G-graph it is within the 5per cent plus and minus range. This is what I have learned during Web tools analysis conducted by Assemblix.

With all the detailed information, I decided to system bet and are too happy to know I have won 1st Prize.

The 2nd Prize winning number system number 3899 is derived from the 6D number 338899. I have noticed that system number 9838 have appeared as consolation 30 Jun 2004. If you will to use the search function of Win4D Advance to search you would have notice that system 6D number 338899 after a long rest under normal circumstances there will be a string of short gap. I am again very happy to have won the 2nd Prize on system number 3899.

System number 0349 is detected from the appearance of system number 0359 which appeared on 3 and 4 July 2004. This has indicated the strong performance of system 3D number 039 and at the same time I have also notice the strong performance of system 2D number 49 when I match them I derived system number 0349. Again delighted to know I have won 2 starter prize on this system number.
I must thank Hai Tong for his reminder on system number 0146 in the forum which has led me to the winning of consolation prize.

I have derived system number 1349 based on the twice appearance of system number 0349, which to me did send in signal of a strong 349, and the first appearance of 1249 on 10 Jul 2004 make me look at system 3D ‘149’ and ‘134’. With all this system 3D in mind, I decided to match them and derived system number 1349. On checking the Gaps distribution chart (on line analysis tools). I have found that system number 1349 has in the past history had a hit record of 6 hits in that particular range. After having to look into all these information I then decided to go in to system bet, again another joy of winning a 1st Prize consecutively.

The winning of system number 2577 is derived from 6D number 225577, I found this system 6D number from the appearance of system number 2257 (This system number has twice on 8 and 29 May 2004.)

The winning of system number 2899 is from the observation of system 2D number ‘99’ is performing well for Top 3 prizes and besides that the awakening system 3D number ‘899’. On selecting system ‘899’ as the 3D number to filter, you would have noticed that system number 2899 is one of the frequent.

I would like to thank all moderators and senior members for their unselfish contribution and I am glad to see more and more new Win4D Advance sending in their winning letters to share their experience. I fully agreed with Mr. Superlewlew statement ‘Assemblix is the Winning Ticket Storage House’ and lets make this storage house with more winning so that the Wang Qi will filled all members of this Big Family ‘Wang Wang and Huat’.

I would like to thank you Assemblix for providing me such a wonderful Win4D Advance and the on line analysis tools.


Madam Christina
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 5930
Submitted by: Christina
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