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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I am very encouraged to see new user winning from the use of Win4D Advance. Over here I would like to thank them for their winning letter it is very encouraging. Just imagine a newbie like who know nuts to 4D analyzing doing it alone without guidance and without encouragement, I would have given up myself.

Indeed life was never the same since I joined this Big Family of Assemblix. Oh yes I have won on direct 6398 starter prize. This direct number 6398 which make me $250 richer is from Win4D Advance. It is one of the direct numbers highlighted by Win4D Advance. Of course as a newbie in 4D analysis, I follow closely on the 4D techniques shared by Assemblix and this is where I derived the system number 3689.

My advice to all newbie or would be newbie to Assemblix Big Family, in order for you to feel the warm and kindness, walk in and you will be able to immediately see it.

I would like to make a special thanks to Assemblix and its members. When I mentioned members, I am referring to all moderators and all senior members.


Mr. Devan
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 500
Submitted by: Mr. Devan
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