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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I would like to share my experience as a new member to Assemblix Big Family. This is where I find comfort and encouragement and indeed a very systematic approach to analysis.

When I attended the talk by Hai Tong on the ‘Free Demonstration’, he has never failed to amuse me of the way he taught us on Data Reading and also the concept of smooth traffic after a heavy traffic jam. It is marvelous, and amusing.

My winning of starter prize on direct number 6398 is from reading the tutorial put up by Hai Tong on 3 Jul 2004. Hai Tong has mentioned please do not read and follow blindly, do remember to do your homework before getting to buy 4D numbers, What a humble man he is.

The direct number 6398 which make me $500 richer is one of the highlighted direct recommended by Win4D Advance. When I showed my wife my winning, she told me something which is very interesting; how come I did buy Win4D Advance early, if not hor maybe may have kena more and more lah.

I would like to thank Assemblix and its members for their wonderful work and unselfish sharing. Yes just as mentioned by Hai Tong, it is fate that brings us together. Lets ‘Huat Huat Huat TTTTP together’.

Mr Lucky 4D
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 500
Submitted by: Mr Lucky 4D
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