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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong

I have won several Top 3 prizes over the weekend. Below are my winnings:

3 Jul 2004

1st Prize on system number 1234 won $2000
3rd Prize on system number 1138 won $490

4 Jul 2004

3rd Prize on system number 1489 won $490
Starter Prize on system number 0079 won $250
Starter Prize on system number 9910 won $250
Consolation Prize on system number 0017 won $60
Consolation Prize on system number 0256 won $60

In total I have 3 top prizes and other prizes amounting to $3600

Due to job nature, if not I would have won a lot more from using Win4D Advance to narrow for the direct number.

Sharing of findings

I have personally uses a lot of observation and the system 3D with matching. I have spotted the appearance of system number 1245, therefore I started to monitored system number 1234. I have observed that this system number do not rest for more than 1 month. This is how I narrowed down. As for system number 1138 was due to recent appearance of system number 1378.

The 3rd Prize number 1489, is derived due to strong season system 3D 189 and digit 4 is due to good match. Furthermore, it is a July season number.

On my personal opinion, we need to do our homework before going to play your 4D. We should treat it like going for a test or examination. You will find more joy when hard work is being put in.

Lastly stay happy and do more charitable donation and work. In fact since I started to send in my winning ticket, I am finding myself kept doing it. What does that mean, it simply mean seeing yourself kept winning and kept sending.


Madam Christina
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 3600
Submitted by: Madam Christina
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