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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

Yo…Huat arrr….!!I have been practicing this ‘Huat Arrh’ every day and this month it is really a ‘Huat’ month for me.

I really like the feeling of ‘TTTTP’ especially 4 Top prize in a row this month. It had indeed broken my won record in my 15 years of 4D play.

Again, I need to thank my 2 hot babes ‘Win4D Advance’ and ‘Web Tools’ in order for me to detect ‘123’and ‘124’ are frequent in appearing the recent draws. Thus ‘1234’ caught my attention as it have not hit although it was a June season number. Further checking the web tools, found that ‘1234 is also July season number. Coincidentally, on Saturday my friend’s car bearing this number met an accident and so it strike my mind again to for it to system be. Bingo!!!My hunch to system bet is right and it hit 1st Prize ‘4321’. I was so happy that I have made it again. Last Wed on 30th June, I hit ‘9919’ as I saw it in the best chance column on the Assemblix web tools as one of the direct ‘9919’, so I went for it and hit a starter.

Well, words really cannot express my ‘shiok’ feeling now but one thing for sure I need to do it everyday that is shout ;Huat Arrhh’ as and when I feel like and the use of Assemblix’s lucky spray is a must, kekekek.

I urged strongly to members to send winning ticket to Assemblix 4D storage base as I mentioned before, you will not just sent once but always and furthermore, end of the year, you can summarize how many hits you have got in this whole year alone. I am indeed happy of my total winning of $4750.

Lastly, remember to remain happy and keep smiling. As mentioned in the forum I fully agreed with Hai Tong, in that ‘Petty people do win but petty prizes’. But Non Petty People do win and they win ‘Big Prizes’.

Wishing all members TTTTP and remember to donate to charity.

Assemblix ‘The Best of the Best’

HUAT ARRR 3 times a day…kekekek


Prize win :
Amount win :$ 4750
Submitted by: Superman66
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