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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I could not hold back for not responding to the thread in the forum ‘Interesting Points To Share’. Oh yes I did permit him to share my story but there is one point he did not mentioned is the name of the mentor, I feel I should share with you members, he is none other than Hai Tong. As for KL Tan, he is also a good mentor in 4D analysis too is just that both have different ways of presentation but with one common to make TTTTP a reality and not just a dream.

When I read the winning letter put up by Sandy Siew on her winning of Top prize ‘3778’, it just remind me of how I appeared in front of Hai Tong on my first visit, having the slightest believe in analysis and also about Assemblix sincerity. But over the period of times, I believe you members could see how sincere Assemblix are. Not only Assemblix alone, its members is always ready and willingly share their findings with us.

Oops, almost forgot to share my humble findings of how I won first prize number direct ‘4321’ with a $4000 winning. In fact I have started to use this method sometime on 18 April 2004 where I won $20,000 on direct number ‘7529’. I have monitored and was surprised that it works for the month of May 2004 on system number 3578. As for June it works but on 1 draw late. Below are the steps on how I derived from the use of Win4D Advance using the ‘All Draws w/o BS option’

I used the monthly analysis data and click on numeric ‘6’ which represents June and have found that for system 3D numbers, system number ‘123’ is recorded with the highest hit. It is also known as ‘Season’ system 3D number. Next I used system number ‘123’ to filter for system 4D number as shown below.

Once you have filter for 4D system number using ‘123’, you would have derived 10 sets of system number. However, the method shared by Hai Tong is that if you are going to use only highest season system 3D you should also stick to highest system 4D number. As such, once I have filtered the system 4D number, I click on numeric’6’ which represents June and system number 1234 is found to be the highest season number.
Why I still chose system number 1234 since it has passed the month of June?
I have 2 reasons for choosing system number ‘1234’ and they are:

a. Using the data pattern reading, you could see that system number 1234 normally do not rest for more than 1 month. Since it has missed for the month of Jun, I am of the opinion, it has a good chance of appearing in the month of July.

b. The recent appearance system numbers like the ‘0134’ and ‘0124’. This is another signal based on observation.

Lastly not forgetting one of our member Zewei has also mentioned system number 1234. The direct number ‘4321’ is one of the highlighted direct recommended by Win4D Advance.

My willingness to share is being cultivated by Assemblix and also its members. The very moment when I rang Hai Tong up about my winning and thanking him, he kept mentioning, do share your joy and findings with other fellow members. He never failed to tell me that it is not just his effort alone; it is Assemblix and its member’s effort. Do you think, I will be selfish if each time Assembix and its members are always there to share. Certainly, I will not. I did show my friends about our forum, do you know what was the feedback? They mentioned that it is like a ‘Big Family’. Yes it is fate that we are together and it is also our desire to be together that we all ‘Huat!’. I enjoyed myself very much on my stay at Assemblix. I have always appreciating all the efforts by the moderators and its senior members. Lastly, strongly encourage members to send in your winning letters and ticket to Assemblix (photo-copy lah of course) in fact fully agreed with superlewlew in that the more you send the more likely that you will be sending again the next draw and then draw after draw.

Together ‘Huat’, ‘Huat’, ‘Huat and TTTTP’.

Madam Chia Ai Lian
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 4000
Submitted by: Madam Chia Ai Lian
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