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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I have never won a 1st Prize before since I started to play 4D about 3 years ago. I have heard about people winning Top 3 prizes like so easy but I am never convinced. I have read a lot of your winning letters too and again I am not convinced, I have the slightest believe that 4D numbers can be analyzed.

On 17 Jun 2004, I make the appointment with you (Hai Tong) to have a better understanding of why so many of your members have been seen winning 4D Play. I was there with my husband. At this juncture I need to thank Hai Tong for his kind understanding, because I was too flank and have at some point during his demonstration give remarks which my husband told me can be unbearable. I gave remarks like are you trying to conned us or are you on pure intuition and so forth.

From the way, Hai Tong presented to me, I am rather comfortable and I find his example of smooth flow after the traffic jam and the statistical approached to be very logical. My husband does a lot of data reading for his company in Business planning has given a high score for Hai Tong presentation. During the demonstration, Hai Tong has mentioned the importance of having a good set of system 3D number, which he showed to us is sys 3D number 378 and after filtering, using the data reading concept, system number 3789 appeared to be a good choice. Of course, we did not buy this set of number because, I need to test out. To my greatest shock this system number 3789 did appeared on 19 and on 20 Jun 2004. Both my husband and I decided that on 21 Jun 2004 to get down to his office without any hesitation to purchase the software.

Now comes to the interesting part, how did I managed to win the first prize number 3778, again, I applied what I have learn from Hai Tong on data reading and found out that once I used the system 3D ‘378’ which is the most frequent to filter I have derived 10 sets of system numbers however I selected system number 3778 mainly because of this pattern forming. I am referring to the consecutive monthly hits and besides that system 2D ‘78’ is good for top 3 prizes as well.

Without hesitation, I went a head to system bet it and am glad that I have won for myself a 1st Prize on system number 3778 with a $4000 winning. You can bet how wild I was at that very moment when I knew I have won a 1st Prize. Winning 1st Prize may sound incredible but it is possible with Assemblix system.

I immediately ranged Hai Tong to share with him my joy and have personally praise him for his teaching. What amaze me is that never at any of his conversation, did he acknowledge as an individual credit, he kept mentioning it is Assemblix and its member’s effort as well. I did tell him that I do not intend to write in to share my joy and findings but after listening to what he has mentioned, I realized how selfish I am and immediately prepared this winning letter to share. Over here I need to compliment both KL Tan and Hai Tong, both of you is truly humble.

As a newbie in 4D analysis, I am beginning to enjoy the fruits out from the unselfish sharing of Assemblix and its members. I would not possible win on my effort alone. Just as Hai Tong as mentioned, ‘Together We Huat, huat huat’.

I hope my above sharing could benefits fellow members and am looking forward to learning from all moderators and senior members.

Thank you and best regards

Madam Sandy Siew
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 4000
Submitted by: Madam Sandy Siew
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