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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I could not hide my joy of winning one first prize on system number 0169 and another 3rd Prize on system number 5579. Never have I got this feeling of winning 2 top prizes in the same draw.

In this aspect, I would like to thank Assemblix for the date that they choose for Mid Year Prosperity Get-Together’. The date 1906 has won me $2000 and in regards to 5579, I would thank members of the forum for discussing the magic 3D number ‘579’.This set of number, I have won $490.

I have learn one painful lesson that is not making good use the 4D techniques put up Hai Tong on a weekly basis. I referring to the 4D techniques dated 8th June 2004. I have extracted some of his comments and they are:

System number 4568 has an uninterrupted performance since the month of Nov 2003 till current. With this strong performance, it will give a good boost for another hit in the month of June 2004.System number 0238 has good strong bearing of system 2D ‘08’ and ‘02’. In fact system 3D ‘028’ is also a good performance 3D number. The only concern that base on the data, it appeared that for this system number it do go beyond consecutive hits of more than 3 months.System number 3689, base on the above data, this system has yet to hit Top 3 prize this year. This system number does not seem to rest for more than 2 months not showing up. Just as mentioned by one of the member, system number 3689 base on the normal circumstances should come in the month of June 2004 to fulfill its duty of not sleeping more than 2 months. In conclusion, what draws the winner in 4D from others is that besides luck, the amount of information make available and the knowledge plays a major part in your winning.

Updated : 08/06/2004

System number 3689 has appeared on 16 Jun 2004 starter prize

System number 4568 has appeared on 19 Jun 2004 starter prize and the last set system number 0238 appeared as 1st Prize on 20 Jun 2004. In fact all the 3 sets of numbers suggested by him have already appeared. I salute you for it.

My husband has always told me, just follows and do not act smart, according to him the advice given by them are ‘Golden Advice’. The problems lies with me is that I tend to act smart, hokkien got one phrase ‘Kian Joo Ho buy Kaykian’ (meaning be smart but do not act smart). The interesting part is that this sharing by Hai Tong is weekly and is free and yet I did not make good use of it.

Well sorry if you find writing too lengthy a letter, I personally feel that I should share with the members here not just my joy alone but also the painful experience I have come a cross so that they will benefit from it.

Well, once bitten twice shy, I will make sure this time round making good use of the 4D techniques put up by Hai Tong and also from all the moderators.

Madam Chia Ai Lian
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2490
Submitted by: Chia Ai Lian
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