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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

This is my first time writing letter of appreciation and I do not know on how to begin. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for providing your time in demonstrating Win4D Advance. I have benefited by attending the session provided by you guys. I have benefited greatly on the understanding of the data reading. You guys are really humble in the way you present yourself and are very generous to all members who have attended. In fact the moment when I step into your office, I could see that Assemblix is very committed in their business. You guys have full training facilities with 8 sets of computers and also the projectors. By the way, need to thank Hai Tong for the serving of ‘Huat Chye’ water, I really feel good after drinking it. You know how hot the weather was on that day, the coldness of the drink really make me feel good.

Why I say so, the way you guys share with us about the 6D methods and also providing us the opportunity to have a feel of the software. This is something that I do not get it when I attended the similar seminar provided by others.

Do you know something, during the demonstration, you have shown us the system number 0246 in which you mentioned is good for the next 4 draws, as it is one of the wake up giant and also that sys 2D ‘02’ is good. What I did was immediately use the computer in front of me to check for the direct number recommended by Win4D Advance and jot it down. What thrilled me most is when the result is announced I jumped with joy of winning $250 from my $1B bet.

Now you know why I say you guys are generous and are very committed. Just imagine by the time you guys completed the presentation; I do not think I will be able to make it on time to install Win4D Advance and to check for the direct number. So to speak without you guys generosity to share and the hands on computers for us to use, I will not be able win this $250. Again, I must say not all attendee have the opportunity as there is an overwhelming crowd on that day. However you guys are very encouraging in that you guys kept telling us to have a good feel of the software.

I am very happy with my purchase of Win4D Advance and also my association with Assemblix. I am looking forward to learn from you guys and also the senior members of Assemblix.

Once again thank you.

Mr. Chan Moh Guan

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: Chan Moh Guan
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