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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

Thanks for the sharing in Win4D Courses. I have benefited greatly by attending your courses. You guys are sincere in sharing and are attentive to our pace of learning.

I am writing to share my joy of winning the direct number ‘7218’ the first prize number on 22 May 2004. I have derived the numbers from observing the result of the past draws. I have notice of late the system 3D ‘278’ is doing well for Top 3 prizes. Besides that during the course, we are given a chance to ask either KL Tan on his opinion of the system number that we have in mind to buy and his comment is worth buying it for the next 2 draws base on the trend. The direct I got it from the use of Win4D Advance using the ‘All Draws without BS’ data option.

I am glad for winning $2000 on this set of direct number. Besides that I have also won the direct number 0612 and 6976. Both the direct numbers are obtained from the use of the Win4D Advance.

On the following draw (23 May 2004), I have won a 3rd Prize on system number 5507. During the course, Hai Tong has taught us on how to observe the 6D numbers. The 6D numbers derived is 005577. From these sets of 6D, there were 2 sets strike on the following dates:

5070 starter prize on 25 Apr 2004
0755 starter prize on 28 Apr 2004

On using the search function to check notice that this set of 6D 005577 have a NG of 10, which is one gap above the average gap. As such I went a ahead to system bet and are happy to learn of winning $500.

My winning of 2 Top 3 prizes and several prizes is made possible because of the knowledge gain during the Win4D courses. I am starting to begin to feel confidence using Win4D Advance.

Sincerely thanking both KL Tan and Hai Tong for their generous and sincere sharing.

Madam Christina
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2800
Submitted by: Christina
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