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Description of Winning
Hello Hai Tong

Won consolation $60, 0397 direct. I got this number when I read your reply to 4D Robin hood.(I was not aware that 4D Robin hood suggested CHUN CHUN 0397, ) Since I spent my money on other numbers, I told myself to budget buy about 3 sets will do. You know what I did; I use the method you taught on the search function. I use the search on Wed w/o B/S and all draw w/o B/s to see the RI and Hits and noticed that 0397 was on the first set of number on the list for both draw dates. I also check against the sets of numbers recommended from both draws. It was listed, so I thought, I'll just give it a try.

Another joy happened on the 16 May 2004, I have won a starter prize on system number 5678 which I have won $250.

Now I'm beginning to enjoy my homework and getting the good feel of attending courses.

Madam Chia
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 310
Submitted by: Mdm Chia
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