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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong,

You guys have done a great job. I was at your office on 13 May 2004 together with my friends. In fact we were having a business appointment somewhere near your office. After the appointment decided to drop by your office to find out more about Win4D Advance.

I am very happy with your (Hai Tong’s) attentive services in showing us the Win4D Advance. We find your presentation logical and without hesitation, we bought the Win 4D Advance. One of the numbers whom you call sleeping beauty ‘5678’, during the demonstration came out as a starter prize. I am glad that I have bought your software and even more glad of having to meet you.

Now I am beginning to enjoy doing analysis the logical way. Your basic data reading truly impressed both all my friends and me. Now I understand what your meaning of having to pay less for my software, in which I am realizing now, and yes from winning of $250.

Thanks for the sharing

Mr. John Tan
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: James
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