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Description of Winning
The Current Trend of 4D appearing in the seasonal month of May '04.

Hope all members can bang in on this 'Frequent Trend' as what I had done.

Using Win4D Advance:

Select all draws without Bigsweep.
Select All Prize- Select ABCD pattern.
Select monthly analysis.
Select Sys 4D.
Click A (All Prize)
Click on the header number 5 (Green color) to sort by month of May.

You will see the following sys 4D numbers as follows in rank of hits for the month of
Svs Frequency of hits Remarks
0239 20 3209 (starter) & 0392 (conso) on sun 2nd May
0379 18 0397 (conso) wed 12th May
3578 17 3587 (starter) sat I'1 May
3457 17 7453 (starter) wed 12th May

My choice of selecting sys 3457 is based on the appearance of 2D of sys 3457 & also using the various Assemblix's tools especially the T & G Graph of the webpage.

Note that both Direct 0397 & 7453 are recommended within the 8 sets of the Win4D Advance.

As I had mentioned earlier in the last sat & sun.( 8 / 9 May) draws by using the All draws without Bigsweep - to narrowed down the 8 sets of Direct of sys 3457 as follows:

Select All Prize.
Select monthly analysis.
Select Direct lD.
Click A (All prize),
Filter 3457 &
sort by monthly average & the following will appears in the ranking:
$4$$ / $7$S / $$5S / 7$$$ /$3S$ / $$$5 /3$S$ /$$$7 /,.........

Under normal circumstances, hopefully this trend will continue, and hope members be able to benefit greatly from the Win4D Advance.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: Eighty8
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