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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I have never into analysis and never believe I will be able to do analysis. However, since I attended your first hands on training on the 27 April 2004, I started to feel that doing it myself is possible.

Your training is very interesting and with the story and the examples shown, it makes able to remember the method easily remembered.

During the course, System number ‘08’ was mentioned as one of the uninterrupted performance number. Looking back at my list, I have got system number 0018, from your mentioning of system 2D ‘08’, I felt confident to go ahead to system bet and are glad to know that I have won a starter prize with $500 winning.

The courses in which I have attended have given me a very good insight view of what analysis and data reading is all about. In the past, whenever members post about this system 2D is good, I believe their posting but I do not know how to derive. But now life is never the same after the courses, now I am able to.

Looking forward to from you guys and is true your courses are ‘Simply The Best’.

My advise for those who have yet to attend their courses, go and attend and you will see great improvement in your analysis.

Thank you

Madam Sim
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 500
Submitted by: Madam Sim
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