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Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

In the course, you have highlighted about Awakening Giant number. During the example, you have mentioned about similar hit pattern. I have learned it and apply it on my analysis, wow, it works and I have won a starter prize on system number ‘3458’ with a $250 winning.

I have used the Wed without BS option. On checking the system 3D, I have noticed that system 3D ‘348’ is one of the frequent, on further check of all system 4D numbers filter from the use of ‘348’, I have noticed that system number ‘3458’ have a hit record in Apr 2003, as such I went ahead to select this system number.

In the past, when I read about this pattern or that pattern, I knew nothing, but now I beginning to be able to understand and to appreciate what is being mentioned in the forum.

Your course has helped me a lot in being confident in my analysis. I used think that analysis of 4D numbers are difficult and very complicated but now after having to learn you’re your courses, I am finding it easy and are feeling great of doing it myself.

Madam Lim
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 250
Submitted by: Madam Lim
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