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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan,

I have a very fruitful weekend. I have won for myself a 2nd Prize Direct hit with a $20,000 winning. In fact from the day I bought your Win4D Advance, I have never regretted and the only possible regret I have is that I bought it too late. I never believe my ability to analyze number and in fact in the past I relied a lot on other for their recommendation to play. I am just waiting for the fish, if they do not give me a fish I will be feeling hungry for that moment.

Till the day, I step into your office, your good self (Hai Tong) change my make belief of my limitation in that I have the ability to analyze and win like any other members too. I am beginning to feel like a Professional Analyst. Yes your good self (Hai Tong) have change my mindset of just waiting to be given a fish to someone who could fish herself. Again the software, the web tools, the forum members plays a major part in transforming me into a Professional Analyst in the 4D Play.

How did I derive this set of direct numbers ‘7529’? Well it all begins from my observation of the first prize number of ‘5397’ on the 14 April 2004. On using the Win4D Advance, I noticed that the sys 3D number ‘579’ is the highest hit season number for the month of Apr (using the Sat and Sun data option) and on further filtering using system 3D ‘579’ I noticed that system number ‘2579’ is the highest hit season number for the month of April.

It so happened that one of the members ‘4D8888’ has highlighted the system number ‘2579’ in the privileged forum and besides that this system number ‘2579’ is also highlighted in the monthly newsletter. On using the T-graph I have noticed that at gap 8 it is one of the highest bar in the Gaps Distribution Chart.

How did I derive the direct number? While using the Win4D Advance, I have noticed that the direct number ‘7529’ was reflected in the direct number recommended and also in the monthly newsletter, this has boast my confidence and I went ahead to buy $20B on it.

I have met and come across all kinds of business, as I am also a businesswoman, I have yet to come across Mr. KL Tan and Hai Tong who do business out of passion. Their approachable like manner is their winning virtue. Their sincerity can be seen from the way they conduct their business. Assemblix’s continuous progress in the analysis tools and also the weekly tutorial has benefited most of us as a user.

Assemblix is not just Simply The Best but also Simply Excellence.

Madam Chia Ai Lian
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 20000
Submitted by: Madam Chia
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