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Description of Winning
Hi Hai Tong and KL Tan

Yo..yo..yo..Yes!!yes!!TTTTP, never fail to dance the Yes..TTTTP’s step every time I am at the 4D outlet and on the street in Gold Coast shopping center ..kekeke. Last week while I was having coffee with bro spidey at one of the café in Gold Coast Beach Resort, Bro Spidey told me he tio 1st prize on Wed ‘5397’. Immediately, 3D ‘579’ flashed across my mind, I went back hotel room to further analyzed using none other than my favorite baby ‘Assemblix Web tool and Win4D Advance’. To my discovery, 3D 579 is strong in April for Top prize. Further using the T-graph to read and the Gap Distribution Chart to analyze noticed that system number 2579 is having the highest bar at that particular gap range.

Finally, I decided to pick ‘2579’ as it is recommended in the April newsletter and also the web site season number. Bingo!!! ‘7529’ hit 2nd prize won $1000. This is my 2nd top prize for April. I would have tio’7529’direct if it hit on Saturday, it was a fruitful weekend again and now I am flying to Thailand to pray to 4 Face Buddha to bless all Assemblix’s members to TTTTP all the way, do more charity too. Last but not least, I believe that ‘Red Color’ does help me, I dyed my hair to red like sister wynning and wear red color regularly. Seem like I have to stay n Gold Coast in order to ‘Wang’ all the way. Kekekek.

I wish every member will receive $$$ from Caisenya.

Assemblix ‘The Best Of The Best’ in 4D solutions.


Prize win :
Amount win :$ 1000
Submitted by: Superman66
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