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A new graph that plot the frequency of hit per draw. It is measuring the hit rate of each digit.

Example below is the System 1D digit 1. The points plotted is the frequency hit of the ball in each draw. The color is referring to the best prize the ball hit. This new graph will be more flexible, allowing you to key in your own moving average and clicking "Generate" will redraw the graph accordingly.

You can also check direct 1D graph.

You can also check the system 4D number. In this graph, the points are plot according to the sum of frequency hit of all 4 digits. The color dots are the hit point of this system 4D. Different color represent the different winning prize. You should noticed that all the hit appear on the peak of the graph and it is during an upward trend in the moving average.


Thousand Numbers

This is another good chart where the direct numbers are shows in term of thousand numbers position. It will give you an idea of how the direct 1D behave in it own unqie way.

and also you can see how is the frequency performance of each group in month.

Saving Summary page.

After you made many filtering and shorted a group of numbers in the Summary page, you can now save this page into file. You can load back into memory later to review your analysis.

You can also import this save files into the M.S. Excel with CSV options.

Direct 3D pillars

Also added the new pillar Direct 3D tracking for Result Tracking function. This additional tracking can helps you to narrow down the direct number analysis.

In Result Tracking.

in Summary view.



Additional text box and moving average setting. This will allow you to make quick check on any numbers without having to look for it.

Gap Distribution Chart

Direct Number Table Statistic

Win4D Advisor

Recommended Direct Numbers

Year Month Table

Search Statistic Table

Trailing Number

Summary of System

Fixed the header text when copy and paste to excel sheet.

You can release the header of the Direct number hit pattern.


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