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Day Number Analysis

A majoy improvement in the Day number analysis where you can now virtually analyse all the possible system, from system 1D to system 8D and from direct 1D to direct 4D. This improvement can help users to have more option in their analysis.

Improved history winning history data with gap count base on the day hit. In this way, you can make a better judgement on the selection from the gap calculation.

You can also check the numbers statistic by clicking all the available icons on the top.

  1. G-Graph
  2. Gap Distribution Chart
  3. Winning history
  4. Direct number statistic
  5. Win4D Advisor
  6. Recommended direct number
  7. Buy 4D
  8. Year Month Table
  9. Year Day Table

You can jump to any of the system summary with your selection. This will definitely made analysis much easier.


Multi-Group Matching

Multiple group matching is a number matching utility that combine any kind of numbers to become a system 4D or direct 4D. With this utility, it save you a lot of time in doing manual matching. You can choose between a Direct Match or a System Match.

Direct Match is to allow you to match different direct digit together.

System Matching is to match the different system together as shown.

You can click on the Summary list button to bring up the summary list of the matched system 4D.


Mutation Numbers

Many times we noticed that the winning numbers are nearby from the past winning numbers. We call them mutated from the number. So with this, we will work out all the possibility of +1/-1 mutation with the result. From the list of numbers, we also track the winning of each strain.

Some numbers repeat in another set of mutation, so we have count the frequency of each number in a seperate view.

The beauty part of the software is that you can see where did the mutation of each number by selecting the number in this view. It will automatically highlight them in the mutation view.


Short Cut Jump to Summary System or Direct Numbers

All the other functions will be able to directly link to the Summary of System by simply selecting the numbers and clicking the pop-up menu as shown below,


Clustering Summary highlight by selecting the cell.

Clustering summary will be automatically highligth all the same cells system base on your selection.


Enhanced Summary of 4D

In the Summary of 4D, some of the number will be highlighted by the Win4D Wizard.

When you back date the Summary, it will check and highlight those system that hit a prize in the following draw.

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