Payment By POSB Fund Transfer Explanation

In order to pay via Internet Banking, you must already have either a POSB account. Otherwise, please select another payment method. 

  Bill Payment Application
(a) After logging in to DBS Internet Banking with your User ID and PIN, click on "Funds Transfer " on the Left Margin.
(b) Choose "Funds Transfer Application"
(c) Choose "Interbank Funds Transfer Application to pre-designate the payee account.
(d) For DBS Current Account - Input the payee bank code as 024, payee branch code as 024, payee account number as 900758-2 (DBS Current A/c), your USER ID*, and the name of the account as ASSEMBLIX TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD.
(e) For POSB Saving Account - Input the payee bank code as 319, payee branch code as 319, payee account number as 01480-2 (POSB Saving A/c)
(f) Once the account has been successfully designated, you may proceed to transfer funds immediately:
(g) Select Funds Transfer for by Other Bank's Account
(h) Select the Payee Account
(i) Specify your debiting DBS/POSB account and the amount to transfer.
(j) If your transaction is completed, you will see the message "Your transaction is completed". If you see any other error messages or a failed transaction, please try again.

Please ensure that your postal address as registered with us is correct.