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If you have Internet Banking, you can do a transfer fund into our Bank A/C. You can also use the ATM machine to transfer fund to our a/c. Our Bank particulars are:

DBS Bank
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd
Current A/C

Public Bank
Saving Account
Tan Kim Long
Tmn Sentosa JB Branch

An example of how to set up the Internet transfer.

Call us upon your payment to confirm your transaction. Remember to fax or email to us your transfer referance number.

By Cheque
Just send us a crossed cheque payable to
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd post it to
Assemblix Technology Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road
#27-15 International Plaza
Singapore 079903
Company Reg. No.: 200413283D
Tel: 92300837, 93881524

 Win4D Advance Software >>
Q&A on licenses and Maintenance Support


Latest Version: 3.2
Package c/w 1 CD-ROM and User Menu.

System Requirements
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Minimum computer system : Pentium 350 or AMD 600 above.
System memory : 512M (Recommended 1G)
Diskspace : 50 Meg.
CD ROM drive and Internet connection.

Offer : 3 Months FREE Gold membership
         1 Year FREE Maintenance Support.

(This software is copy protected from unauthorized duplication. A maximum of three license are allowed for User to setup the program.)


(Delivery charge applicable)
 Features of the Software>>
1 Search and Analyses Past 4-D Results
  • Advance search engine allow you to search any combination of digits. Special switches allow you to specify wildcard digit in any position and you can also search matrix formation pattern.
  • System or direct mode search
  • Prize option for All prize, Top prize, Top and Starter, 1st prize only.
  • Analysis option - Cyclical formation or direct position display.
  • System option to classify the pattern for analysis into ABCD, AABC, AABB or AAAB.
  • Compare option for 4D->3D, 4D->2D, 4D-1D.
  • Draw range adjustable by user by months, year or specific draw.
  • All columns are sortable.




2 Summary of System Numbers & Direct Numbers.
  • Summarise all system up to system 6D and direct 1D to 4D.
  • Customisable summary columns according to your perference.

  • Filtering with any combination of digits
  • Sum filters
  • Direct number filter
  • Column filter
  • +1/-1 filter
  • Analysis option of comparing reduce digit method
  • Category them into ABCD, AABC, AABB, AAAB or mixed option
  • Prize options
  • Include / Exclude filters
  • All data on screen can be copy and paste into spreadsheet application for your own further analysis

3 Clustering Summary

With clustering summary, you can see the flow of the summary movement over a period of time.


4 Enhanced Digit Analysis.

Analyse the digit "0" to "9" performance at specific position in all prizes and top prizes. All this in one screen. Build with shortcut button and forward/reverse tracking with just a click. Along side also link with the pattern analyse tabulated in row and column.


5 Direct Pattern Analysis
  • Sum Analysis - Grouping the 4-D numbers into the sum value. Option such as Sum4D, Sum3D, Sum2D allow you to zoom into top prize analysis much easier.
  • Direct Pattern Analysis - Classifying the direct numbers into the their respective pattern.
  • Big and Small Analysis - Classifying the direct numbers into Big digit or Small digit.
  • Odd and Even Analysis - Classifying the direct numbers into Odd digit or Even digit.
  • Up and Down Analysis - Classifying the direct number digit movement up or down in respect to the neighbouring digit.


6 Results layout

Easy viewing of the past 4D results in two different layout.


7 Golden numbers

The golden numbers are a list of filtered statistic number generated each time you start the program. This list of number consisted of Best performance numbers, most overdue numbers and the season numbers for the month.


8 Graph plotting

The G-Graph can help to show you the movement of the system number. It is flexible for you to put in you own trend line to plot.


9 Excel like sheet for easy Copy and paste to other application.
  Build like a MS Excel format for easy viewing and copy or paste into other software.
10 Allow multiple database.
  With this software, you can run the Singapore database or All the Malaysia database. Each database will require one license. Each new software comes with 3 licenses.
11 Build in Internet result updating.
  Updating of 4D result with just a click on the toolbars..
12 Free 1 year maintenance support services .
  A new purchase entitle you for a free 1 year of unlimited updates on the development of this program.
13 Build in Help for easy reference.
  A comprehensive help write up is provide within the program. Anytime you want to know about the usage, press F1 and a popup will be display. A section of the case study also guide you the method of how to derive possible 4-D numbers for next draw.
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