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There are two reason for not being able to update your Win4D or WinTOTO result.
  1. Your computer firewall is blocking the software from accessing the Internet.
  2. The address that you specified contain special character. Please input the country name is sufficient enough.
  3. You have not upgrade to V2.0 or above. You can only update result with v2.0 or above.

You may try to solve the above problem as follow.

Firewall setting.

If you are using Norton Personal Firewall, please click here.

If you are using Windows XP firewall, please click here.

If you are using Zone Alarm firewall, please click here.

License Problem.

If you find that even you have set the above setting and still cannot go online, you may try to check your license status online at This is for Win4D Advance only, WinTOTO still under construction.

Make sure you have link your license number with your login ID, if not, please link it at

Check your current running Win4D Advance license by following the step below

Note down the number and check it with the online status.

Check this license online, make sure this license is still ACTIVE. If not, it means you have restored it, so you are not allow to use it anymore.

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